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Top 20 Electrifying Quotes From Thor: Love and Thunder Movie

Thor: Love and Thunder is an entertaining Marvel Cinematic Universe movie released in July 2022. Thor is one of the popular characters in the MCU.  It is the fourth Classic and entertaining Thor-based movie. Here are the best quotes from the Thor: Love and Thunder movie that will blow your mind-

Warning- ### Spoilers Ahead ###

Best Thor: Love and Thunder Movie Quotes

1. My Super Hero-ing days are over.  ~Thor

2. These hands were once used for battle, now they’re but humble tools for peace. I need to figure out exactly who I am. ~Thor
thor 4 quotes

3. Remember what I told you: do you ever feel lost? Just look into the eyes of the people that you love. ~Peter Quill

4. And after all that, he reclaimed his title as the one and only Thor. ~Korg

5. He was no ordinary man. He was a god. ~Korg

6. So this is my vow. All gods will die. ~Gorr

7. The only ones who god cares about are themselves. ~GorrThor: Love and Thunder dialogues

8. After saving planet Earth for the 500th time, Thor set off on a new journey. ~Korg

9. He got in shape. He went from Dad Bod to God Bod. ~Korg

10. You flicked too hard, dammit! ~Thor

11. I’m putting together the greatest team ever. Korg. Valkyrie. The Guardians. And Jane. ~ThorThor Love and Thunder quotes

12. Because I have something worth fighting for. ~Thor

13. In times like this, we need to come together. ~Thor

14. There’s a maniac who seeks to end us all. We must do something! ~Thor Thor Love and Thunder sayings

15. I’ll fight it my way. ~Jane

16. Oh, God. We’re going to die. ~Valkyrie

17. Thor. I know your pain. Your suffering. You’ve lost. You can’t protect them. ~Gorr

18. Gods of the universe! I come here to raise an army. Today will go down in history. Today, we’ll fight! ~Thor

19. What a classic Thor adventure! ~ThorThor: Love and Thunder movie quotes

20. This is the best day of my life! ~Valkyrie


These were the best quotes from Thor: Love And Thunder movie. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with die-hard fans of Marvel.

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