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Top 10 Badass Quotes From The The Adam Project Movie

The Adam Project is a Netflix streaming movie of the year 2022. It is a science fiction action comedy movie. The movie follows a story of a pilot who goes back in time and encounters his younger self. Here are the best quotes from The Adam Project movie that will blow your mind-

Best The Adam Project Movie Quotes

1. It’s easier to be angry than it is to be sad. And I guess, when I get older, I forget that there’s a difference. ~Adam Reed

2. When a bad idea is the only idea, it becomes a great idea. ~Adam Reed
quotes from The Adam Project

3. You’d better start caring, because the future is coming, sooner than you think. ~Ellie Reed

4. Everything has already been changed. ~Adam ReedThe Adam Project dialogues

5. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have done it already. Because if I’m being perfectly honest with myself, you have a very punchable face. ~Adam Reed

6. I spent 30 years trying to get away from the me that was you. And I’ll tell you what, kid. I hate to say it, but you were the best part all along. ~Adam Reed

7. God, it’s like I traded my brains for those muscles. It’s a s*** deal. ~Adam Reed

9. Babies are pure love. They grow into teenagers, who grow into be assassins of happiness. ~Ellie Reed

9. It’s not a multiverse! My God, we watched too many movies. ~Adam ReedThe Adam Project sayings

10. When I say classified, what does your brain hear? Chocolate? ~Adam Reed


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