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Top 15 Badass Quotes From Shadow And Bone Series For Motivation

Shadow And Bone is an American fantasy streaming television series on Netflix that was premiered on 23rd April 2021. It has an amazing story, characters, dialogues and it’s worth watching. Here are the best quotes from the Shadow And Bone series which will give you a dose of motivation-

Best Shadow And Bone Series Quotes

1. When I got older, I learned that darkness is a place, and it’s full of monsters. ~Alina

2. No businessman worth his salt bargains for what he can take. ~Kaz Brekker

3. Our enemies are threatened by your mere existence. ~General Kirigan
General Kirigan quotes

4. Never make decisions out of fear, Jesper. Only out of spite. ~Kaz Brekker

5. Needing anyone else is weak. ~Baghra

6. So there is a brain inside all the muscle. ~Nina

7. When there is something you want, better to act without thinking than think without acting. ~Jesper Fahey

8. Everyone is looking at me like I’m the answer. ~Alina Starkovshadow and bone sayings


9. Maybe it’s nicer inside the walls of the Little Palace, but out here, when you’re different, when you look different, everything’s at risk of becoming a fight. ~Alina Starkov

10. We’re all fools. And when our closest friend is in trouble, we do foolish things. ~Mikhael

11. We do not conjure from nothing. We manipulate that which already exists around us. ~General Kirigan

12. Getting lost can happen even when you know where you are. ~Alina Starkovalina starkov quotes

13. A good magician is a good con artist. The trick is to make it look real. ~Kaz Brekker

14. Saints become martyrs before they get to be heroes. ~Zoya Nazyalenskyshadow and bone dialogues

15. Telling you half a story is not the same as lying. ~General Kirigan


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