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Top 20 Fascinating Quotes From Phora To Inspire You

Phora is a popular American Rapper. His real name is Marco Anthony Archer. He launched his record label ‘Yours Truly in the year 2011. Here are the best quotes from Phora that will give you a dose of motivation…

Best Phora Quotes

1. Change the way you respond to people who don’t deserve a response from you.

2. Love is like a Rose, flawless to the eyes, beautiful at first but eventually it dies.

3. People change, circumstances change, but God always remains the same.

4. Loyalty is rare these days.

5. It’s crazy how we love people that hurt us and hurt people we love…

6. My heart and my time are two things I stopped giving.

Wise Sayings From Phora

7. A lot of times in life you just gotta keep it pushing, no matter how much it hurts.

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8. The right people don’t need anything from you but YOU.

9. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger like your first love.

10. Make sure you’re happy in real life not just for social media.

11. Your growth is going to confuse people who weren’t really trying to grow with you.

12. Surround yourself with good people & good energy.

13. What you say to yourself about yourself matters. Choose your words carefully.

Inspirational Quotes & Captions From Phora

14. Grow with people who value you.

15. If they really love you then they’ll never forget you.

16. Always aim to grow and improve yourself whether others give you approval or not.

17. No matter how many times you fall, you gotta make sure you get up and go 10 times harder.

18. If you can’t see me, you’re doing it wrong.

19. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal; this is our one shot at life.

20. You smile more when you separate yourself from the negativity.

Final Words

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