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Top 20 Quotes About Libra That Will Blow Your Mind

Libra is the seventh Zodiac Sign among the 12 Signs. The Libra sign people are born between September 22 and October 23. Here are the best quotes about Libra that will amaze you…

Best Libra Quotes

1. I am a Libra, so I have to balance things. ~Mark Viduka

2. I am a Libra, let’s balance the scales. ~Gwen Stefani

3. There is nothing that Libra wants more than peace, harmony, and beautiful surroundings. ~Chani Nicholas

4. Libras hate to see others hurting, but when you irritate them their temper can be destructive. ~Anonymous

5. Libras love doing things for others, but they like to feel appreciated. A little thanks goes a long way. ~Unknown

6. Libra only gets stubborn when people don’t take them seriously. ~Unknown

7. Libras like to take risks! ~Cardi B

8. A Libra is usually generous, provided you don’t take advantage of that. ~Unknown

9. Sometimes in my life, I feel like a bit of a sorceress who can’t totally control all their power. I’m a Libra, so… Libra women are pretty magical. ~Olivia Thirlby

10. Libra’s will leave you speechless with sweet nothings. ~Unknown

11. Libras receive great pleasure by pleasing and helping others. ~Anonymous
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12. I’m Libra and to mess with a libra will leave you nowhere. ~YA Chhora

13. No surprise that Judge Judy is a Libra—it is the sign of the law, after all! ~Judge Judy

14. Libras don’t indulge in idle flattery. If they don’t like something, they are tactful enough to remain silent. ~Margarete Beim

15. I’m a Libra. I enjoy sunsets, spicy breakfasts, and yoga. ~Nancy Gideon

16. Libra is even nice to the people he or she doesn’t get on with, for Libra doesn’t like to have enemies. ~Claire Petulengro

17. Libra is first up, then down. ~Linda Goodman

18. Libras can see both sides of the coin but have difficulty determining who is right and who is wrong. ~Serina Cappucci

19. We all have to work hard in life. Libras are no different. ~Oprah Winfrey

20. Libra is an intangible global currency that comes with better mileage. ~Mohith Agadi


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