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Top 15 Amazing Quotes From Bill and Ted Movie For Inspiration

Bill and Ted is a popular movie based on adventure, action, and friendship. The movie definitely portrays some important life lessons. Here are the best quotes from the Bill and Ted movie to amaze you…

Best Bill and Ted Quotes

1. I believe our adventure through time has taken a most serious turn. ~Ted Logan

2. All we are is dust in the wind, dude. ~Ted Logan
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3. Bogus. Heinous. Most non-triumphant. Ah, Ted, don’t be dead, dude. ~Bill Preston

4. We’re in danger of flunking most heinously tomorrow, Ted. ~Bill Preston

5, Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K. ~Ted Logan

6. This should be most triumphant. ~Bill Preston

7. Here’s the deal. What I win, I keep. What you win, I keep. ~Billy the Kid

8. Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes! ~Ted Logan

9. It seems to me the only thing you’ve learned is that Caesar is a salad dressing, dude. ~Mr. Ryan

10. We gotta go. It’s a history report, not a babe report. ~Bill PrestonBill and Ted dialogues

11. Want a Twinkie, Genghis Khan? ~Ted Logan

12. I don’t know. Philosophize with him! ~Bill Preston

13. Dude, are you sure we should be doing this? ~Ted Logan

14. I work out all the time. And reaping burns a lot of calories. ~Grim Reaper

15. It is indeed a pleasure to introduce to you a gentleman we picked up in medieval Mongolia in the year 1269. ~Bill Preston


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