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Top 25 Inspirational Quotes From Lil Tjay To Live By

Lil Tjay is a famous American Rapper and songwriter. He became quite popular in New York City and is one of the youngest-growing artists. Here are the best quotes from Lil Tjay to give you a dose of motivation…

Best Lil Tjay Quotes

1. Win in silence, let ‘em think you’re losing.

2. Don’t ever let negative energy affect your state of mind.

3. Music helps me when no one else does.

4. A lot of time, I like to sing music that people can relate to, but not necessarily put them in a depressed mood.

5. Everybody goes through something, it’s all about perseverance.

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6. We all are fighting different battles. I just pray we all get through them.

7. Remember that you’ve survived all of your worst days.

Inspirational Lines & Quotes From Lil Tjay

8. People come and go, but the real ones stay forever.

9. Get your life together on the low, no one has to know what you’re doing and how.

10. Ain’t no real love out here, just temporary feelings for beneficial reasons.

11. If you don’t have time for me, don’t be mad when someone else does.

12. Don’t show people your plans. Show them your results.

13. If I’m ever an option, don’t choose me.

14. Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people.Lil Tjay sayings

15. That fight between your mind and your heart ain’t no joke.

16. I’m on the road and I’m bringin’ my bros.

17. Any friend that turns into an enemy has been hating you from day one.

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18. I want every song on it to be a hit.

19. A smile can hide so much.

20. Honestly, my goal is just to let people hear my story and just like, feed everybody that could relate to my story in any way.

21. You can’t bring up my past to put me down, that’s what made me.

22. Even though I say “you’re in a better place” it really hurts me know you’re gone.

23. Everybody go through something, it’s all about perseverance.

24. A lot of time I like to sing music that people can relate to, but not necessarily put them in a depressed mood.

25. My mama knows about the pain, thought I’d never change. But looking back for the fame, I don’t feel the same.

Final Words

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