How to manage your time effectively

How to manage your time effectively?

     What’s most important thing in your success? For sure it’s your time. But the problem lies that we underestimate the value of our time and waste it on useless stuffs. That’s where we fail in our life.

Now one thing to note is that how the successful people achieved success in their life and constantly growing? Do they get extra hours in a day? No. The secret ingredient of their success is effective management of their limited precious time. Yes they also get only 24 hours in a day. But they utilize their time really well, that’s how they succeed in their life. So the question arises “HOW TO MANAGE OUR TIME EFFECTIVELY?” 

Here are some awesome practical tips which would help you to manage time more effectively. They are as follow-

1. Find out where your “TIME” is going-

First of all if you want to utilize your time effectively then you must know what are the stuffs in which you are investing your time.  Just observe your last seven days and notice which thing is eating up most of your time. By it, you would be able to know the major reasons which are wasting your time. If you want to change your time schedule then you must be aware of your current schedule. 


2. Try to reduce the distractions:-

Now you have known where your time is going. Now make a list of the tasks which are the most important to you and are major distractions for you. Try to reduce all those distractions to the minimum level.


3. Categorize your entire tasks:-

Now it’s the third step for your time management. Make a to-do list of all the tasks of a normal day.

The best way to categorize is as follow:-

IMPORTANT Deadlines projects, Homework, Office Meetings, Medical emergencies, Etc. Self development, Planning, Exercise and wellness, Professional development, Etc.
NOT IMPORTANT Interruptions, E-mails, Calls, Messages, Etc. T.V., Social Media, Gossips, Party, Etc.

Use the above Table to decide the priority of your tasks.


                  In any day, you must do all the tasks which are important and also urgent to you. In this category, you would find tasks like studying (it’s urgent because you have exam in near time and it’s important in your life if you are student) , completing any project if you are an employee, & many other according to your profession and lifestyle.


           This is the category for tasks which are important but not urgent. These are the most crucial tasks for building your lifestyle. Tasks like Personal growth, Building relationships, Self improvement, etc comes in this category. Plan and do these tasks before they becomes Urgent! This is the category you should invest most of your time in life.


      This is the category for tasks which are not important but urgent to you. These are the task which are not productive and consumes your time. You need to decide these tasks whether to do or not. Also delegate these tasks if you can.


          These are the time wasters in everyone’s life. The tasks which are neither urgent nor important comes in this category. These are the tasks which consume our almost time. Tasks like scrolling social media, playing excessive video games, Sleeping more than enough, Watching useless TV shows, etc. These tasks add no value to our life but consume most of your time. Try to reduce all these tasks and do more tasks of category (b). Here is the secret of time management that know the value of your time.

4. Don’t make it too strict-

       One more thing is that don’t try to make any strict time table like I have to study for 1 hour only between 6 P.M to 7 P.M and regret later if we fail to do so. NO! Just ensure that you would complete all your tasks by today whenever you complete. We feel demotivated when we fail to follow our strict time table.


                Most of us know very well about time management. But the reason we are not able to manage it completely is lack of self discipline. Self discipline and Self control is the most important thing when it comes to time management. Now how to build self discipline in time management:-

        The most efficient way of building self-discipline is Reward System. List down all the things you love to do daily. It can be anything like eating your favorite chocolate, playing your favorite game (limited), watching your favorite show or anything which you love to do. Now just make a self rule strictly that I would do my favorite thing only when I have completed my daily target. Just this is enough. Just be strict to this rule. Don’t eat that chocolate, don’t play that game, don’t watch that show before you complete your daily target of some important tasks. It’s a simple and fun and most efficient way to make use your time efficiently.

In this way, one can effectively manage time. Remember to apply these tips practically which will surely help you. Hope, you got the answer for the question,” How to manage your time effectively?”.

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