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Top 20 Badass Quotes From Fast X: Fast And Furious 10 Movie

The Fast and Furious Franchise never fails to surprise its audience. It is the 10th film of the Fast And Furious Saga. It has amazing car scenes, stunts, and a crazy experience. Here are the best quotes from the Fast X: Fast And Furious 10 movie that will stun you…

Best Fast X Quotes

1. Never accept death as a payment when suffering is owed. ~Dante

2. No one starts at the finish line. ~Dom

3. Without family, you’ve got nothing. ~Dom

4. It’s just me practicing my leadership voice. ~Roman

5. Game recognizes game. ~Letty

6. Find the line, feel the air, and let it fly. ~Dom
Fast and furious 10 Quotes

7. Pass it down. Each generation better than the last. ~Dom

8. We got heisted during our heist. ~Han

9. I don’t care about dying. I only care about protecting the people I love. ~Dom

10. The devil’s coming. ~Cipher

11. You know what your problem is? Family. ~Dantefast x dialogues

12. Swearing is for song lyrics only. And stubbed toes. ~Jakob

13. That’s the problem with having a big family. You can’t protect them all. ~Aimes

14. Sometimes fear is the best teacher.~Domfast x captions

15. I have faith, dad. ~Little Brian

16. The only thing you know about Rome is Roman-noodles. ~Tej

17. You want to control the world. I just want to punish it. ~Dante

18. What? The Vatican? Okay, I’ll do it- but yall are going to h@ll. ~Dante

19. You gotta hit harder for that. ~Letty

20. The only reason a dead guy shows up at my door: Revenge. ~Shaw

These were the best quotes from the Fast X movie. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with die-hard fans of the Fast and Furious Franchise.

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